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October 21, 2021

Interview with SeaAhead

DTN Ventures is an early-stage investor associated with Great Mountain Partners, a private equity firm in New Haven, Connecticut, which was formed to provide institutional investors with guidance for their strategic investment portfolios. The firm offers origination & diligence, management, and governance solutions for investments in several sectors. DTN Ventures is a member and sponsor of the Blue Angels Investment Group…

DTN Ventures SeaAhead

DTN Ventures is an early stage investor with a mission inspired by our friend and mentor who lived boldly by principles like "Don’t bet against Brett" and "Damn the naysayers". He was a serial entrepreneur whose infectious enthusiasm and energetic intellect touched everything he did, and everyone he worked with. He loved a great idea, he executed with class, and ties weren't optional. If you are an entrepreneur or a founder with an idea or an early stage company, and you like our attitude, we want to back you (ties optional).

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