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Blue Ocean Gear

Blue Ocean Gear built an integrated solution for fishers offering real time connectivity with their gear as well as providing useful data, making their lives easier and more profitable.

Blue Ocean Gear
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Natrx delivers high-performance, nature-based coastal resilience through innovative, proprietary technologies and real-world implementation experience.

Spanios Labs

Spanios Labs harnesses the powerful capabilities of Patient Derived Organoids (PDOs) to accelerate the drug development process for rare cancers. Their platform uses patient-derived 3D tumor models that enable scientists to fast-track the search for novel cures and bring hope to millions of patients.

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True Tickets

True Tickets reinvented secure contactless mobile ticketing by giving control back to venues and performers, and in turn enhancing the overall experience for event-goers.


Aquaai provides the easiest, most effective & least expensive way to access visual & environmental data from waterways!

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DTN Ventures is an early stage investor with a mission inspired by our friend and mentor who lived boldly by principles like "Don’t bet against Brett" and "Damn the naysayers". He was a serial entrepreneur whose infectious enthusiasm and energetic intellect touched everything he did, and everyone he worked with. He loved a great idea, he executed with class, and ties weren't optional. If you are an entrepreneur or a founder with an idea or an early stage company, and you like our attitude, we want to back you (ties optional).

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